Want to take your own sailing boat on holiday? Want to go sailing at the weekend, but don't have space for your own boat?


It's simple - from being stored in your cupboard, just load it in the car. One or two bags - depending on the model, weighing from just 24 kg - it is MiniCat. This is a unique sailing boat - a catamaran with inflatable floats.


It is small and light, but a full-bodied, fun sailing boat. Fully portable, it fits in one (model 310) or two bags (model 420), so you do not need a trailer complicating your journey. Simply load the bag and go.


For all fans of sailing and water-sports MiniCat offers the perfect, affordable opportunity to own a sailing boat without any storage or transport worries.




MiniCat allows you to spend your free time sailing without all the usual complications of owning a boat.


The bag can be carried by an adult, there is no need to take the car to the water's edge. The ingenious design enables MiniCat to be assembled single-handedly without tools in approx 30 minutes; the disassembly time is even shorter (instruction DVD and printed iinstruction manual included). This means that you can go for a quick sail whenever you want.


With excellent sailing characteristics and simple control, MiniCat appeals not only to young budding yachtsmen, but also to older experienced sailors.


Despite MiniCat's ultra light weight and simplicity, major emphasis has been given to the quality and strength of the materials used during production.



With a 24 month warranty and full availability of parts and accessories you can be sure that MiniCat is not a toy, it's a serious sailing boat (that fits in your car!!).


Always wanted a small sailing boat for your holiday home, but didn't want to leave it outside? Keep your MiniCat in the cupboard!

Want some sailing fun when your motor cruiser is anchored in the bay? Keep your MiniCat stowed below decks!


Want to own a sailing boat, but live in an apartment? Keep your MiniCat under the bed!


Here you will find some important files about MiniCat. In case you are missing any information please contact us on info@minicatamaran.eu




  • component parts

    MiniCat is made from the following component parts:
    Frame - Aluminium Frame (alloy AlMgSi 0.5)
    Mast - Aluminium Mast (alloy AlMg 0.7Si)powder coated
    Sail Material - Dimension Polyant with a surface density of 175 - 240 g/sqm
    Float Material - Valmex®
    Deck Seating - KONTYPOR foam with UV protection
    Keel Fin - Polyprophylen UV stabilised


  • repair kit

    MiniCat is supplied with a Repair Kit. This allows you to carry out minor repairs yourself. The manufacturer or an approaved repairer must carry out major repairs.

  • parts and accessories

    A range of useful accessories & upgrades are available for your MiniCat as well as all spare parts. Please see the MiniCat Spare Parts & Accessories Catalogue.

  • warranty

    MiniCat is covered by the manufacturer┬┤s 24 month warranty. Please ask your distributor for the warranty

  • certification

    MiniCat has been designed and manufactured to conform with the latest European Safety Standards, certified to: EN ISO 6185-1 and EN ISO 6185-2.
    The MiniCat name and design is protected by Patent.