MiniCat is a high quality product manufactured in the Czech Republic. It comes with full 24 month product warranty.

  • frame & deck

    The MiniCat frame, to which the floats attach, consists of rigid, transparent polyester sections on a light-weight aluminium frame (alloy AlMgSi 0.5). KONTYPOR foam with UV protection provides comfort at the seating areas.The trampoline is produced from high strength woven plastic fabric.

    The transparent polyester seats are designed for comfortable sailing. Attached to the floats by straps these are secured with alloy tubes maintaining the position of the floats and the deck. The fabric trampoline sections fill the frame and are tightly secured by a threaded line. As the trampoline is taut and the frame is tight there is no need for any additional fixings.

    The central tube is attached to the underside of the frame and the rudder mechanism is housed at the rear of the tube. At the front of the tube is the anchor-point for the mast line and jib.

  • floats

    The MiniCat is equipped with two inflatable floats 3.1m length and 33cm diameter. The floats are made of reinforced 'Valmex', highly resistant to abrasion and very hard wearing. This material and production technology was adopted from the production of 'white-water' rafts. The floats are single-chamber with a combined load capacity of 235 kg.


  • keel fin

    To fully enjoy your sailing you must confidently control your boat. It is imperative to minimize 'side-sail', especially when sailing against the wind. To achieve this keel fins were designed to attach under each float. Their design and shape gives excellent performance yet still allows the boat to be sailed in very shallow water without the risk of damage.


  • mast

    The mast consists of three sections of equal length, slotted together. The length of the assembled mast is 3.8 m. The mast is from alloy tubing (AIMg 0.7Si) and has a groove for the sail attachment. This construction ensures high rigidity and strength for ultimate safety, performance and enjoyment.


  • sail

    The MiniCat is equipped with a main sail and jib. The total area of the sails is 5.15 sqm (main sail 3.75sqm , jib 1.40sqm). The material 'Dimension Polyant' is used with a surface density of 175 g/m. The main sail is 'all-spire' construction, i.e. without a yardarm. There are 6 flat spires in the sail. MiniCat Sport is equipped with a 'jib furler'. The main sail has a window to ensure better visibility while sailing.

  • rudder

    The rudder on the MiniCat is attached to the central tube. The design of the rudder allows it to be raised at a 90 degree angle, so at the shore or in very shallow water there is no danger of damage. The rudder can be locked in both positions, raised or lowered.

    The tiller arm is jointed allowing full 360 degree movement.

  • fittings

    Fittings from the companies Ronstan, Seasure, Clamcleat and Suchomel are used throughout the MiniCat.

    All spare parts and accesssories are available. See our Spare Parts & Accessories Catalogue